Saturday, 25 July 2009

Highland Canine Association

Whisper looking very proud with her first ever adult trophy!
Whisper has been at Dingwall today being handled by Linda Younie due to Becky being on holiday. I was speechless (first time in my 39 years) when Linda phoned to say she had won Best of Breed. At 13 months old too. Although the classes weren't big she did have competition. Huge thanks to Linda for taking her. Due to my ill health at the moment I couldn't be there. Gutted. Thanks also to Linda's kennel man, Raymond, your reward will be forthcoming once I feel better!! Thanks guys. Becky on cloud 99!!! Es x


  1. I wish I was there when you were speechless, or was that due to the ill health. Well done Whisper.

  2. Wish it was. No my illness is labyrinthitis. I have been signed off until Thursday. Doesn't help that I can't stand upright without swaying. Nothing they can give me for it so jst hope it will get better soon. Well done yourselves today. Was junior handling big classes?

  3. Well done Whisper bet you are dead chuffed :-)