Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dundee Canine Club

Becky and Emma are away on their hols with their grandparents so Whisper was shown on Saturday 18th July by Marny Cruickshank. They entered Golden Retriever Special Yearling and were awarded a very credible reserve out of a large class. Poor Marny's hands were red raw with Madam pulling and huge thanks goes to her for carrying on. It has made me realise that Whisper and Becky are very much a unit. Whisper gave Marny a very hard time and looked all around the ring for me. If Becky shows her, Whisper ignores everyone else. I had to hide, which is a first! Thanks also to Carole King for her mobile phone updates and to Mandy Macdonald for her help getting Whisper into the ring when we got held up in traffic and nearly missed our class. Thanks also to Caitlin for being on stand by.

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